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Suggestus has been developed with the investment community to deliver a high-quality, performance-focussed information resource for wealth advisers, private investors and charities.

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Suggestus is made for...

Wealth Advisers

ARC Research provides advisers with an intuitive and repeatable process for reviewing and selecting the most appropriate investment manager for your clients.

  • Profiling and manager selection
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • DFM performance factsheets
  • Client performance monitoring

Private Investors

ARC Research collects and analyses data on hundreds of thousands of real portfolios from investment managers who truly embrace transparency.

  • Performance & Fee checker
  • Access the ARC Indices
  • Investment commentary
  • Portfolio performance monitoring


ARC Research uses insight built from thousands of actual portfolios managed on behalf of charities to help you understand if you are getting the best out of your capital.

  • Performance & Fee checker
  • Access the ARC Charity Indices
  • Charity fund research
  • Portfolio performance reporting

Suggestus for Investment Managers

Find out how your peers in private client and charity investment management are
performing on a risk-return basis using our leading ARC Indices.

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The ARC Indices are based on real performance numbers provided by participating investment managers.

The ARC Indices provide an accurate reflection of the actual returns that an investor should expect for a given risk-appetite. This approach leaves investment managers free to use any and all investment strategies, vehicles and structures in the pursuit of the maximum return per unit of realised volatility.

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Graham Harrison talks through our commentary "Throwing Caution to the Wind". We consider how the performance of a typical private client portfolios in 2022 has compared to that…

Throwing Caution to the Wind

As Harold MacMillan is reputed to have said, the greatest difficulty comes from “Events, dear boy, events”. 2022 was a year when events made the art of investment even more difficult than…

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Although the Bank of England (the “Bank”) dates back to 1694, it was only in May 1997 that it was granted operational independence over monetary policy. What this means in practice is that,…

Watch - Q2 commentary

Watch Graham Harrison, Chairman of the ARC Group talk through our Q2 commentary where we consider the benefits of diversification versus more concentrated portfolios. 

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